Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Are you taking ADvantage of Hispanics?

A few weeks ago Advertising Age produced the Hispanic Fact Pack for 2009. This booklet features data on the U.S. Hispanic market from Azteca to Zubi. "The U.S. Hispanic market eked out u1.9% growth in 2008 to $4 billion in measured media as U.S. ad spending in general fell by 4.1%, but 2009 is a tougher year for everyone," says Laurel Wentz.

Included in the booklet are some pretty interesting figures which advertisers or anyone wanting to engage in the Hispanic market might like including:
  • Hispanic Electronic Media Usage
  • Hispanic Social Networking Site Usage
  • Top Hispanic DMAs by Media Spending
  • Top 25 Hispanic Newspapers (By measured advertising revenue, excluding classified)
To view the entire booklet, click here.

There are also some pretty interesting ads throughout the booklet, some worth the read and some not. One that I found the most interesting and appealing was erasestereotypes.com
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