Monday, August 31, 2009

A Natural Thrill Seeker

So yesterday I went to Dorney Park and I really came to the conclusion "most" Latinos are thrill seekers. I myself love roller coasters and everything in between. My favorite ride had to have been Possessed. Here's the description from their web-site:
Possessed takes command when the harnesses lock. Riders will be thrust back in their seats as they are propeled into a 90 degree vertical ascent up the forward spike only to freefall in reverse through the station as Possessed flaunts the fear for spectators. The LIMs kick in and the curse gets stronger as the train gains speed and races up the reverse spike. The next pass forward through the station will bring riders to a top speed of up to 70 mph as they head into the 184-foot helix.
Crazy I know. Although some roller coasters aren't that exciting in the front row, this one is worth the wait. The only thing you see before blasting off is a small tunnel and once your "possessed", a quick 90 degree ascent is upon you. Check out the video I posted on Twitter.
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