Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Colombia: El Cocuy National Park

Photo: Dennis Drenner for The New York Times

As much as people don't think Colombia is a place to visit I say you're joking. The New York Times wrote a stunning piece on not just travel to Colombia, but to El Cocuy National Park.

The story reminded me of when I took the journey to 1995! Yes it was a long time ago but I distinctly remember each day of that July month. I remember that 11 hour bus from Bogota to the towns of El Cocuy. I remember greeting the mayor of the small town we staying in and I even remember when someone spilled a hot plate of food on my arm.

The journey up one of the mountains was great. It was the first time I had been on a horse and it wasn't cooperating. Although we made it near the summit, we dared not to go to the top without proper gear. I wish I had the photos online but back in '95, dad had his Polaroid camera. Come to think about it, he still has the Polaroid camera haha.

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