Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fun Facts of the Day

During my business trip to Puerto Rico in June someone said to me, "There are Latinos in Philadelphia?" It was a sarcastic remark and to be honest I didn't get mad, I just chuckled. What's the reason why we don't get recognized? I'm not really sure. But just in case you ever need information, here are some fun facts about Latino Philadelphia.
  1. Second largest Hispanic Market in the northeast, following NYC
  2. 16th largest Hispanic Market in the country (larger than Denver, Boston, Orlando, Washington DC and Austin)
  3. Similar to the overall national stat, Latinos are the fastest growing minority in Philadelphia with a pop. of (about) 428,000
Source: 2002 US Census Bureau

Also, although you can find Latinos all over the region, Philly's Hispanic neighborhood (El Centro de Oro) runs for about 2 blocks from 5th and Lehigh to 5th & Cambria. It was formed around the 1970s/80s when gentrification hit (again). El Centro de Oro is also home to over 140 businesses including cultural attractions like Taller PR, Centro Musical and many restaurants.

There is actually a lot more including health organizations, media and cultural institutions. You should come explore yourself!
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