Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I Endorse AfroBorike

Looks like AfroBorike didn't win America's Best Dance Crew...oh well. However, it was great to see they go into the finale. But was it really about winning? No it wasn't. It was about being who you are...that's what ABDC Season 4 was about. Vouging, Latino, Female and more represented themselves to America through the art of dance. Remember, I didn't expect AfroBorike to win, I expected them to represent para toda la gente. A group made up of Puerto Ricans and Cubans showed America how different yet "awesome" Latino music can be. They showed America how Latino music can blend in with hip-hop...and not just reggaeton. They best portrayed this with their Swag & Surf performance and the trampoline. So kudos to you AfroBorike, continue doing what you do best!

One of my favorite performances:

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