Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Latino Partnership Leadership Institute

So this Friday my application is due for the 2010 Latino Partnership Leadership Institute. What exactly is this great opportunity you ask? The Latino Partnership Initiative (LPI) is a vehicle that serves our community as a catalyst to unify, build, advocate and implement a comprehensive common agenda. Recognizing our diversity and respecting our culture and spiritual identity, the Latino Partnership Initiative will fortify and voice our social consciousness to move to organized action.

Through the LPI, they developed the leadership institute in order to improve our community. It's designed to help our young leaders develop new skills and maintain organizations that exist today...maybe even start new ones. I wanted to apply two years ago but my schedule conflicted, so now is the perfect time!

And although I hate "tooting my own horn", I was very happy to receive a letter of recommendation from a fellow friend, Latino(a) and mentor. In her letter she writes, "Eric has stayed true to his Latino roots while promoting professional excellence and serving as a role model to younger Latinos looking for their place in the world."

Wish me the best.
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