Friday, September 25, 2009

A museum for the American Latino

If Latinos had a museum what would it look like? Well I mean what would it include? Does our history start in Florida, Philadelphia, California or maybe even in Mexico? Well according to the upcoming National Museum of the American Latino, "The National Museum of the American Latino will create a home for the historical artifacts, images, and personal stories documenting over 500 years of American Latino contributions to the United States. The Museum will serve as an educational tool for the thousands who visit the museum each year, as well as instilling a sense of pride in the Latino community today and in the future."

Something else to consider is if the museum would integrate our 3 cultures: African, Spanish and Indigenous. I would hope so. Latinos have played an integral part of U.S. history, from the Revolutionary War to naming states to even discovering the concept of zero! I hope this comes out to be a great museum.

What would you want to be displayed?
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