Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Vamonos en SouthwestAir

So as I think about my upcoming trip I can't help but wonder, does SouthwestAir have a Spanish language web-site? Sure enough they do! Although I had to Google it at first I found out the url is I must say the "vamonos" was unexpected but it is catchy. The website looks just like the English version but obviously the front page header is different and there's even a graphic stating "Reservar un viaje en español llame...". Although there is no graphic on the English site stating this, I realized it's because some Latinos don't want to reserve anything online...especially the older folk. My dad doesn't trust the internet, he would want to call.

This just might make me want to book a flight en español for no reason lol. Did somebody say Los Angeles in 2010!?

Kudos to you SouthwestAir.
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