Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Greek life...you slay me

Every now and then I start wondering what is it about Greek life that keeps us going? By us I mean everyone in general. I've heard of a good number of people just stop supporting their organization. However, when they were NEO's or undergraduates, they were just as hype as their line brother.

However, I am proud of those that stick to it until the end. The brothers and sisters of those orgs (whether black, white, Asian, Latino, etc.) whom continue to represent their organization. Remember, it's an organization...not a club. And if we didn't represent our org's, we wouldn't be able to do cool stuff like unity strolling or event collaborations. Why do I keep doing it? Because I respect Gamma Phi Sigma "Hermanos Unidos" Fraternity, Inc. and everything we do. So who cares we only have 6 chapters? What's it to you? You may have hundreds of chapters but I don't see you working as hard.

Also, don't let this EVER happen to your organization. Now of course there have been rumors of who these "people" are; we cannot assume until the organization makes a statement. Crisis Communications people!

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