Monday, October 26, 2009

Latino on Late Night Show...Check

So now we can add someone else to the list of Latino "FIRSTS". For the first time ever a Latino will host a late night talk show. Starting November 9th, George Lopez will premiere LOPEZ TONIGHT on TBS at 11 p.m. Why TBS...who knows. And unfortunately I do not get TBS. Lopez will join Arsenio Hall as an "elite" group of minorities to host late night talk shows. Soon after Mr. Hall, there have been a good number of minorities starting talk shows including Ellen, Rosie O'Donnell and Oprah. I mean it is 2009, one would think someone was good enough for a late show right?

LOPEZ TONIGHT will feature a fun, high energy format, with lots of audience interaction. Viewers will be swept into a spontaneous street party, with George playing the consummate host. So who will be his first guest? I vote for Lou Dobbs...just saying.
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