Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Why Express...Why!?

So why does Express continue to blast me with sales?! Honestly this is probably one of the few stores I shop at. I have a lot of polos and 1MX shirts from Express. It may not be what NYers call high fashion but hey I have to look presentable.

Let's not start with the coupons too. I think every week I get a new coupon either in the mail or through an e-mail. These aren't just regular coupons, these are mega coupons! $30 off your $75 purchase is definitely a good deal. I think the best coupon I got was $50 off your $125 purchase or something in that area. Good deals and bargains = my wardrobe filling up with polos, jeans, socks, button ups and more.

Let's just hope they don't start selling shows!
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