Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Aliens and the Issue of Race

So I hate to be the "bad news" person when it comes to race issues but I just had this on my mind. Yesterday was the season premiere of "V" and had us all holding our seats. Definitely a great show and everyone is telling me it's living up to the older series. However, I can't quite notice why human beings are embracing these visitors so easily?

Think about it. Aliens are broadcasting a message across the globe and the first thing you see is a white woman. Once Anna gives her speech about peace and "helping" human beings, we all decide to clap and embrace them. I understand this is probably just a portion of the human race but why can't we stop racism? It's so easy to accept an alien but some people can't accept a black president. Something is wrong with this picture. I did appreciate the different countries represented in the first scene (France, Brazil, Egypt, etc) but I'm sure we won't see that again.
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