Monday, November 9, 2009

Are you ReadyU?

How do you not become a fat freshman? Need to kill downtime? I wish I had something that would answer these questions while in college. There's something out there called ReadyU and they want to help you. And by they I mean the Melissa and Mary George team.

The Facebook page says it best: Get the best spots to eat, go out, hang out and buy stuff—all rated by your fellow students. From taking polls, posting reviews and following tweets, you’ll get the scoop they don’t cover in orientation weekend. I was also told they are giving away a MacBook pro which should be everyone's dream. MAC's are expensive so every chance helps. I did notice they have sponsors out the wazoo including Herbal Essences and PUR water. ReadyU actually gives some interesting advise overall. I mean who doesn't want to live their life healthier and efficiently right.

For more information, visit ReadyU.
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