Monday, November 2, 2009

Shakira Takes Over The World

Once again my favorite singer (yes of all time) makes it to the cover of Rolling Stone. This marks her 3rd appearance and may I add the covers keep getting better. Rolling Stone Magazine asks, "Can Shakira Conquer the World?" I say yes! But what exactly does that mean? According to Shakira she is ready to reproduce. I say go for it! I mean isn't that every woman's dream; to have a family?

Shakira also performed on MTV’s first Spanish-language edition of “MTV Unplugged.” The subsequent album release of the concert program earned Shakira her first Grammy Award. During the taping, she sort of hinted at how some of her songs were created and obviously enough they were about love.

And please advise, Rolling Stone has a "Shakira's Sexiest Moments" slideshow.
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