Wednesday, November 11, 2009

When Latinos stand up...we fight!

Remember the "horrible" NY Post cartoon with the monkey? Well apparently only one person stood up to fight for what she believed in and was fired. Sandra Guzman was fired last month after having objected to the Post's infamous "chimp" cartoon. Today we found out she has countered with her own lawsuit basically saying the NY Post is sexist and racist. Guzman had her own Latino section in the paper called Tempo and then a few weeks ago I realized it was gone. According to the NY post, "'Sandra is no longer with The Post because the monthly in-paper insert, Tempo, of which she was the editor, has been discontinued.'"

I think for every positive note we get, someone else has to go down. This actually goes against NAHJ's mission which is dedicated to the recognition and professional advancement of Hispanics in the news industry. Sounds sketchy right? Do you think Guzman was fired because of her outrage or was there another reason? Either way the timing was just horrible.
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