Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Thank You Customer Service

So we all love complaining via Twitter about our cable, cell phone, gas, water, landlords, etc. But what are we to do when they actually answer back!? About a month ago I believe I was complaining about AT&T and out of no where someone replies. @ATTcustomercare was there to the rescue, luckily there wasn't a problem, it was just me being frustrated.

But of course no one is perfect. Today I was duped into updating my BBM software. My cell phone decided to freeze in the middle of the upgrade so I had to take the battery out. When I turned it on BOOM no BBM. Luckily again AT&T answered the call. I was afraid I was going to be given a number to call but I wasn't. In the end I solved the problem but I was glad they were there to answer the messages. I'm glad they know the importance of social media outreach. I mean think about it, don't we always complain about something via Twitter?
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