Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Top 10 of 2010

Since everyone decided to make a Top 10 decade list I might as well too. Although I can't really recall specific events that happened in my life each year, I'll just try to remember as I go along. And no not everything was happy-go-lucky, there were horrible things happening in our lives but we just learned from them.
  1. September 2001 - No one expected these attacks, no one.
  2. June 2002 - Can you believe I graduated from Plainfield High School 7 years ago? Who would've thought this NJ born Colombian would've ended up in Philadelphia.
  3. September 2002 - Why wait? Go to college. My first semester at Widener University sure was an interesting one. Let's not relive those memories haha.
  4. September 2003 - Probably one of the biggest decision I've made, I had to start all over again at Temple University.
  5. February - April 2004 - So instead of relying on alcohol, I spent a good portion of this semester going through my education intake process. Thanks Gamma Phi Sigma Thanks.
  6. February 2006 - We all go through difficult times and unfortunately it takes a death for us to realize what is wrong in the world. R.I.P. Ciara N. Deprill 2-3-06
  7. January 2007 - This NJ born Colombiano graduated from Temple University! Yes there were some hard times but I did it in 4 1/2 years! Luckily, Taller PR accepted me full time after graduation.
  8. August 2008 - Remember, you only live once so take a trip out of the country! Well technically it wasn't but it sure was the closest I've been to Africa. And to think, I went to Puerto Rico again the following year.
  9. June 2008 - Gamma Phi Sigma SILK 08 Stroll Champions. *sigh* lol
  10. November 2009 - Pledgemaster Navaja scores again. 'nuff said
p.s Yes it was all about me. Who cares :)
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