Thursday, January 7, 2010

2009 is All in the Past

Today's Phila. Daily News featured a column by fellow PPRA member Dan Cirucci. His column featured the INs and OUTs of 2009. I agreed with almost all of his INS but there were some OUTS I thought at least deserved some good credit haha.
  • In: Jose Garces. Zesty is sexy. <- So happy to see this #LatinoDoingTheirThing
  • In: Please Touch Museum at Memorial Hall. What a transformation! Out: The Zoo. It just ain't the same without the elephants. <- I love both the Please Touch Museum and the Zoo!
  • In: GPTMC. "Love" campaign resonates in challenging tourism market. <- The ads were truly awesome in their own snarky way. I do love sarcasm
  • In: Phillies fans. Best in the league and a fine match for a classy organization. Out: Eagles fans. Rude, crude and still no championship. <- Hey we can't win them all; or can we?
So what were your INs and OUTs of 2009? I'm pretty sure everyone had resolutions and/or comments like "THIS IS MY YEAR". To be honest, shouldn't all years be your years? If you want to do something why wait until the new year when you can start today. I think that's what is wrong with society, people wait for some special holiday or year to begin new. No disrespect to anyone's belief of course, I just think believing in yourself ever day and staying positive will lead to positive outcomes.
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