Monday, January 11, 2010

The Nintendo Store in NYC

Sometimes all we want to do is play video games. In fact, if you ever want to keep me entertained and out of your business, throw a video game at me! During my New Year's trip to New York City I discovered the Nintendo World Store. Located in Rockefeller Center, Nintendo World offers over 10000 square feet of hands on entertainment.

The store is divided into three parts: a Wii, DS, Pokeman and merchandise section. I mean honestly, who wouldn't want to rock a Mario shirt at the next house gathering? The store also sells all sorts of Nintendo video games and merchandise, including apparel, hardware, and accessories that are exclusive to the store, such as Japanese Mario character plushies. Didn't you grow up playing the original Mario and waiting for the next Mario Kart to come out?

So visit soon and purchase me a Wii. Don't worry, I'll invite you over.
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