Thursday, February 18, 2010

Canción del año - Urbano?

Thanks to the world of Twitter I turned on to Univision's Premio lo Nuestro 2010. But as I was enjoying our musica there was an award for Canión del año - Urbano...what does that mean?! I actually got a few responses and I must say there were hilarious:
  • "It's just a nice way of saying "You Have No Talent But You Make Millions So Let's Give You A Prize!" "
  • "Not a damn thing! Can spanglish count as "ebonics?" "
But I mean seriously, why wasn't the category just named Canión del año -Reggaeton? All the songs were clearly reggaeton. The music industry is an ever-evolving industry which involves lots of politics. It's kind of like journalism because almost everyone can be a journalist/musician and then pirating music could be the same as not crediting a news source. Either way I think these awards need to reconsider what they name categories.
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