Tuesday, February 9, 2010

HBO Shows How To Make It in America

So last October, a lot of Latinos were disappointed with CNN's Latino In America series because it didn't really portray us well. Some though, where are all the success stories?! Well now HBO is coming out with a new series called How to Make It in America.

The series, which premiers February 14th, follows two 20something entrepreneurs living in New York City trying to (well) make it in America; specifically NYC's fashion scene. Although the characters don't have a lot of what some people would say "book smarts", it shows how having "street" smarts and an urge to learn can help you out. I'm sure it's not just about Latinos, however, one of the main character's name is Cam Calderon *ding ding ding*. After viewing the teaser trailer, this is very much an HBO series and may actually be an inspiration to some people.
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