Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Modern Family

So what do you do when you mix a colombiana, Al Bundy, a horny pre-teen, a gay couple and a Vietnamese baby? You get Modern Family! My friends have been telling me to watch this show for the longest and thankfully due to the snow, I just saw the pilot episode.

The show follows the lives of three separate families but in the end you find out they are all related. You have Jay who is trying hard to keep up with his much younger and hotter Colombian wife, along with her passionate pre-teen son, Manny. Then there's Claire and her husband Phil, who thinks he's "down" with their three kids, much to all their embarrassment. And finally Mitchell and his enthusiastic partner Cameron have just made a major life change by adopting a Vietnamese baby...yes a Vietnamese baby.

And it's not just a sitcom, it has that reality TV show feel and includes confessionals. As you all know, we love confessionals haha. Don't forget, "It sounds better in Spanish."
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