Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Our (or one of) Favorite Mexican: Cesar Millan

Our favorite, and only, dog whisperer Cesar Millan was born in Mexico in 1969 and at the tender age of 13 he realized he would be the best damn dog trainer ever. Some speculate he crossed the border illegally but who cares; he's doing his thing now. The Dog Whisperer airing on National Geographic is in its 6th season and airs all over the world. The show became National Geographic's #1 show during its first season. Millan's book Cesar's Way debuted with the show's second season, becoming a bestseller.

So what else does he do? He has co-authored several books on dogs and dog-training, participates in numerous philanthropic activities, and in 2009 in conjunction with IMG, introduced a monthly magazine titled Cesar's Way. And he's a family man. I'd say, Cesar is a #latinodoingtheirthing.
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