Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pesi! (or Pepsi)

So a friend of mine came across Pepsi's site for los españoles and wow can you say clever/hilarious. According to an article in Advertising age, "This approach was a big hit, although somewhat controversial, in Argentina last year when Pepsi humorously renamed the brand "Pecsi" in keeping with Argentine accents. Now Pepsi is parsing different Spanish accents, adopting the "Pesi" spelling in Spain without the Argentine "C."

Along with this new campaign, Pepsi launched Pecsipedia. Pecsipedia is really just a wikipedia for Argentine slang; more than 1500 people contributed to the site. To be honest if they launched this in the United States, Pepsi's sales would most likely go up. I mean think about it; Latinos today love Spanglish!

Do you agree?

Pepsi o "Pesi".

Pepsi o "Pesi"
¿Y tú cómo lo dices?

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