Tuesday, March 30, 2010

How to manage 4 Twitter Accounts

That's right, if you haven't figured it by now I manage cuatro Twitter accounts. It gets a little overwhelming at times but I get the hang of it. Best part...they are 4 completely different accounts! We have:
  1. @navaja1cortes - My personal account started out work-related but soon turned into a combo of work, personal, #latism and anything I can tweet about.
  2. @GammaPhiSigma - Originally started by @_ALEX4NDER_, I didn't agree with it. However, soon I took over and started tweeting about community issues, frat events and Greek life. *adm* right?
  3. @PPRA - The Philadelphia Public Relations Association knew social media but needed someone to officially start it...me. It has the biggest following with 1080+ followers, they best kinds of tweets are live-tweets; we get the most feedback.
  4. @PhillyTeAma - What am I most passionate about at my trabajo? Taking it back to the Hispanic market. Events, exhibitions, nightlife, dining...if it's Latino related you'll see me there. Also, we don't just like Latino stuff, adoramos the mainstream attractions too! P.S. Tourism means business.
So how do I do it? Instead of signing back and forth on Twitter, I use HootSuite. I can add multiple accounts and I don't necessarily have to be looking at one account when tweeting from another; I just have to check off the right account. Plus I can schedule tweets from all accounts. I can also add Facebook to the streams but I don't; I strictly use it for Twitter. Photos? (Check)

Mobile device? When I had my BlackBerry I used UberTwitter which allowed multiple accounts but now with my Motorola BackFlip, I use TweetCaster; they're essentially the same. Now is it a time issue? Of course, but because I am passionate about social media, I make time and share my thoughts with the world.
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