Monday, March 8, 2010

Our kids are overweight!

No big surprise here but did you know 38% of Hispanic children are overweight or obese? Let's generalize it more; one in three kids in our nation today are (overweight or) obese. I wonder if this number has increased over the years due to TV and texting. Now that pre-teens are able to use cell phones instead of playing outside, I'm not at all surprised.

Thankfully our wonderful first lady, Michelle Obama, has launched a campaign at ending childhood obesity. The program is simply called “Let’s Move,” an actionable name that speaks volumes about the goals of the first lady and the organization. So what does this program include? Everything from access to healthy food and educational programs. Let's not forget about affordable eating because for some reason to eat healthy, we need to be rich.

"Let's Move" just makes sense. Think about all the arroz con pollo and carne asada you like to eat. I'm not saying stop eating this great food, I'm saying add a little green in there. A salad never hurts anyone. Yes even I'm at fault sometimes, but as you get older you start to realize how your health will be affected.

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