Tuesday, March 2, 2010

"Somos el mundo" apparently needs rap

So first off thank you to Mayte who brought this to my attention. I originally saw this song was in the works but didn't think it would end up like it did. After the Haiti earthquake, Gloria Estefan and company had the wonderful idea to make a Spanish version of "We Are the World". It started out great but then they just had to include (I guess it was) a reggaeton/rap section. Did you really have to add this? I mean did they add it to the original "We Are the World"? Yes rap is music but one of the lines also caught me off guard: Earthquake can bring it down,We just rebuild it. Again, did they have to mention this? Yes the song is wonderful and it's a great way to raise awareness to this international incident, but I also noticed some "diva" qualities in the song; people trying to out-sing each other.

"Somos el mundo" includes Juanes, Ricky Martin, Jose Feliciano, Vicente Fernandez, Luis Enrique, Grupo Aventura, Pee Wee, Belinda, Jose Luis Rodriguez, Banda El Recodo, Shakira, Thalia, Jeni Rivera, Tito El Bambino, Kani Garcia, Luis Fonsi, Jon Secada, Willy, Lisette, Ana Barbara, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Juan Luis Guerra, David Archuletta, Christian Castro, Ednita Nazario, Paquita la del Barrio, Ricardo Montaner, Gloria Estefan, Luis Miguel, Chayanne, Olga Tanon, Natalia Jimenez, Melina Leon, Pitbull, Taboo, and Paulina Rubio.

So what do you think of the song?

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