Friday, March 12, 2010

This Mexican Has $$

So we're not American Idols, nor are we America's Best Dance Crew; I'll tell you what though, we sure are rich! Two days ago, Carlos Slim HelĂș was named by Forbes magazine as the world's richest person, ousting Bill Gates. Slim, who is indeed Mexican, has an estimated $53.5 billion (£35.8 billion) fortune. What can one possibly do with all that money? According to an article in the Telegraph:
Through a sprawling empire of more than 200 companies – he has said he has "lost count" exactly how many – which encompass banking, retail, airlines, mining, printing, construction, restaurants and particularly telecoms, he has developed an economic stranglehold on his native country so vice-like that a new word – Slimlandia – had to be created to describe it.
Worth $40 million by the time he was 26, this guy really knows his business. While most of us at age 10 like to think about comic books and cartoons, this guy was hustling selling snacks and drinks. I'm pretty sure he can donate at least $100 to every person in the U.S. and still be the richest man in the world. Someone please get on that.
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