Monday, March 29, 2010

What's wrong with our world today?

With earthquakes, snow storms, flash mobs and more in our nation today, since when is someone "coming out the closet" so newsworthy? Today one of the world's greatest (yeah I said it) musicians decided to "finally" reveal he is a fortunate homosexual. Cool. This is when Twitter and the news went crazy. This all started 10 years ago when Barbara Walters regrettably asked Martin if he was gay or not. She says she destroyed his career but obviously she didn't.

Yes I'm writing about the issue even though I don't think it's "all that exciting", but really think about it. For some reason we all got nuts when friends and family out themselves. Okay sometimes we don't but most of the time Latinos get all bent out of shape. There have been numerous people who have come out to me and the rest of the gang; what do I say? Cool. Granted I'm there for their support but really you shouldn't live your life based on who you want to sleep with.

p.s. Like everyone, I don't think this is a shocker.
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