Monday, March 15, 2010

When drama hits the Latino community

Every now and then something happens in the Latino community which causes a stir. Why is this? Well because for some reason people need scandals and in Philly it's no different. An incident that happened over a year ago is this causing issues today.

Today's Philly Daily News included a story about Concilio's "black eye". The article stated, "A recent finding by the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission against Concilio has serious implications for the state's first Latino organization." But why aren't they highlighted for their achievements? Concilio is the first Latino organization in Philly and concentrates on foster care services, nutrition classes, tobacco education and more. Did you know they also produce the Hispanic Fiesta, Philly's Puerto Rican day parade and Delaware Valley's Most Influential Latinos?

The good and the bad and even sometimes the ugly will get through to the media regardless but sometimes it takes a little bit more convincing to talk about the good.
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