Monday, April 19, 2010

Bridge-building Art

Have you ever lived in a city wondering when the next big thing is going to happen? Honestly, we have annual festivals but it's very rare something new comes along and you start to wonder, "Wow what will that be like?" Well in less than one year that very thing will happen. The Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts is coming and it will be huge. With over 100 collaborations, the festival is bound to bring diverse audiences from across the world.

For those who support Latino arts and culture, for the first time the Philadelphia Orchestra will leave their home at the Kimmel Center and join el Centro de Oro. During the festival, members of The Philadelphia Orchestra, including principal clarinetist Ricardo Morales, will join adult and advanced student musicians from AMLA for a concert outside Taller Puertorriqueño. The performances of classical and popular works by Latino composers will follow an evening of multicultural art inside the gallery.

PIFA will debut on April 7 and run through May 15 at various locations across the city of brotherly love.
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