Thursday, April 29, 2010

LATISM Moves Forward

With the online Latino population set to reach critical mass, a group of influential Latinos decided to create an organization for and by Latinos to share, network and promote themselves and their businesses within the social media space: Latinos in Social Media (LATISM), the largest organization of Social Media professionals of Latino origin. Today, LATISM has announced its newly constituted Board of Directors.

Board members include:Ana Roca Castro, Louis Pagan, Sylvia Aguilera, Giovanni Rodriguez, Kety Esquivel and Elianne Ramos. These are all great people whom I have met in the past year and are sure to move the organization forward in all fields.

Over the past year LATISM has produced several events in New York, Florida, Washington, DC, California and more coming up in the future. Latinos in social media is one of the fastest growing online populations. We are conversing all the time through Twitter, blogs, forums, etc., just follow the hashtag #Latism and you'll see.

According to recent studies, there were nearly 23 million Hispanics online in 2009 -12.3% of the US Internet population –a number that is expected to increase to 13.9% by 2013 (Source: All members of the board are considered “influentials” within this demographic, and they represent the diversity of the Latino ethnic spectrum. All six board members are Hispanic-Americans from a diverse list of Latin American countries and four of the board members are women.
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