Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Watch Out Vegas

Operation Get Navaja to Vegas has begun and I'm getting excited. In fact, it's getting a little overwhelming after viewing the Vegas tourism website. I mean being nicknamed the city that never sleeps is something I'm sure they worked on, or maybe not even on purpose. I believe I am staying at the Stratosphere Hotel and from the look of things, I'll be having a good time.

The Stratosphere not only includes dining, nightlife, pools and what not, but there's also a mini theme park at the top! But I'll I won't seclude myself to the hotel I'm staying, I mean it is an entire strip of "awesomely awesome" things to do day and night...or whatever you call it there. My only concern is the heat, I hear it's unbearable.

Does anyone have any suggestions of a "must-do" and how to control the heat? Also, any clubs you suggest at a reasonable price? I mean I am a guy after all so I won't be getting in free anywhere.
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