Thursday, May 27, 2010

Try Our Cuisine

If you know me, I love to eat. Although I love eating simple, sometimes new and exotic restaurant do catch my attention. I mean living in a big city and working in the city, you have to be able to try new things. And when going to New York City, your appetite should be ready...especially next weekend.

The Gourmet Latino Festival, the ground-breaking socially conscious celebration of Latin culture and culinary traditions, will premiere in New York City on June 4-12, 2010. The multi-day festival is expected to attract 1,500 food, wine and cocktail enthusiasts from the general public. Chefs,mixologists, wine experts and authors will all be showcasing regional cuisines, wines, spirits, beers, cocktails, gourmet coffees and cultural traditions of countries such as Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico and Uruguay, among others. Act now because I'm sure tickets are going fact and the event list looks amazing.
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