Monday, June 7, 2010

Make that Child Lighter?

As if the SB1070 issue in Arizona isn't getting out of hand, now we have education leaders telling artists/schools to change the tone of a mural. According to an article in AOL news, Officials at Miller Valley Elementary School in Prescott, Ariz., asked the painters of the mural to lighten the skin of children depicted after a city councilman denounced its prominent portrayal of ethnic minorities. Following protests, the principal apologized today for making the request. "Miller Valley made a mistake when we asked them to lighten the mural. We made a mistake," said Principal Jeff Lane.

Really though? You're asking to change the skin tone what is supposed to be a Mexican-American child? According to some comments made by AZ citizens, the mural is "tacky," "ghetto" and "ugly." I have no clue how they come to that conclusion from the above mural but it's definitely not ghetto. I don't understand how and why this is happening in AZ but we can't let this go any further.
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