Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mother Nature...She's Angry

In case you can't take a hint, mother nature is extremely angry. Whether she throws natural disasters at us or destroying our technology, I think it's time to start thinking about our future. In the latest "WTF IS GOING ON" scenario, the first of what seems to be MANY tropical storms has hit land. I guess Avatar wasn't good enough; or 2012, The Day After Tomorrow and so on.

According to CNN.com, more than 175 are dead in Central America due to Tropical Storm Agatha. As if a tropical storm wasn't enough, "Guatemala also is feeling the effect of the Pacaya volcano, which erupted Thursday night and continued to spew ash Tuesday. Three people were killed when they were crushed by rocks strewn by the volcano." On a normal year, the Atlantic sparks up around 6 hurricanes; last year we only had 3. This year you ask? Looks like it's going to be either 7 or 8.
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