Monday, June 21, 2010

Movie: Toy Story Tres!

"You've saved our lives, we are eternally grateful." That's what I say to Pixar after watching Toy Story 3...amazing. I came in to the theater not knowing what to expect; even 30 min into the movie I didn't know which direction it was going in. However, soon after discovering Sunnyside Day Care and all the craziness that happens at day care, I instantly started laughing along with the kids (and adults) in the theater.

I won't mess up the movie for you but I suggest you see it even if you don't have a child with you. Even more interesting is that Buzz Lightyear turns Spanish! Yes Spanish, not Latino. He even has the "lisp" and dances tango. A completely different attitude, this Buzz falls in love and wins the heart of Spanish kids. So go out and see the movie! I'm sure 3-D isn't that different from the regular version. At the end though, we can finally have closure and get ourselves to college:).
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