Monday, June 28, 2010

Museo de las Americas

I'm a huge fan of celebrating your culture; that's why every time I visit a new city, I want to see where all the Latinos are hiding. Last week I attended the National Association of Hispanic Journalists convention in Denver, CO and to my surprise, there were Latinos. According to Denver's Convention & Visitors Bureau, "Hispanic Denver is vibrant, alive, and teeming with energy. According to the Colorado State Demography office, 34% of Denver's population is Hispanic."

I was able to walk through the Sante Fe Art District which made me think I was walking through Mexico. Then I came across the Museo de las Americas which educates the community about the diversity of Latino Americano art and culture from ancient to contemporary through innovative exhibitions and programs. Although it's a small gallery space, I'm glad there's something like this in Denver. El museo reminded me of Taller PR in Philadelphia. So if you're ever in the Denver area, be sure to stop by.
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