Wednesday, June 9, 2010

NYC PR Parade Honors...

I'm a fan of celebrating our culture but when we can that one day when we can go crazy, I think it's a bit much. The NYC Puerto Rican Day Parade is this weekend and I'm sure all Latinos are running a muck. To be honest we shouldn't use this one day a year to go crazy. I'm not saying go crazy every day, I just think it's weird how some people can wave a flag and not even know what the colors mean. If you do attend the parade, please act like you have an education.

On a related note, today Osvaldo Rios stepped down from participating in the parade. According to the NBCnewyork article, the Telemundo actor decided not to participate in New York City's Puerto Rican Day parade, after critics called for a boycott of the festivities because of his history of domestic violence. Apparently Rios was going to be named "padrino internacional" by the parade; whatever that means. This just proves someone's past can quickly come back to haunt them.
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