Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Viajando con Veronica en Filadelfia

A lot of people wonder what I do for work and to be honest I prefer I have them not know. They just need to know I work with media of all types. Well this Saturday, if you live anywhere in or around New England, you get to see the final product of my work! A little over a month ago I brought a camera crew to explore Philadelphia for four whole days! We covered everything including Historic Philadelphia, El Centro do Oro, Philadelphia Zoo, Please Touch and my favorite Sesame Place!

Airing este sabado a las 10, "Orale Con Veronica" will take you to Philadelphia! "Orale Con Veronica" showcases local talent, highlights a variety of topics important to the Latino community, and provides advice and information for its viewers. The segment I helped out with is "Viajando Con Veronica"; it discovers affordable and some times FREE places and activities for people to enjoy with family and friends in their own city emphasizing on historic landmarks and public parks.

So enjoy and let me know what you think.

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