Friday, July 16, 2010

Are You A Predator?

Remember the original Predator movie with our dear Governor Arnold? Well now Robert Rodriguez's Predators pays homage to the classic 1980s film. In this film, a group of killers, some trained and some who are not, must endeavour the alien race of predators that have set out to target them as prey. If you seen the first one, then you'll notice a lot of similarities including the music, dialogue and a whole bunch of other stuff I won't mention. Overall, this was a typical Predator flick...but that's a good thing!

Señor Rodriguez does a great job of keeping the movie simple like the original yet adding his own flavor to it. You may remember some of his work including El mariachi which made him the legend of independent, ultra-low budget filmmaking. I bet you're wondering, if they are on an alien planet, how will they get off? If only it were that easy to hop on the Predator space ship and call it a day. Nope.

Moral of the story: Don't become one of the world's deadliest...predators.
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