Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Obsession With...

una Colombiana o manzana. Seriously this is probably the one soda I love to drink. Postobon, the drink's creators, are located in Colombia and have a little over 5 plants all making different drinks (from waters to teas and sodas. The Colombiana is a kola champagne that thanks to its flavor and color, it is unique around the world. It was on October 11, 1904, when Gabriel Posada and Valerio Tobón (whose names combine to form the name the Postobón) started to produce soft drinks in Medellin, Colombia; their first product, called "Cola-Champaña," became very famous in bars, stores, social clubs and even homes.

Back in good ol' Jersey I used to find them almost everywhere, but in Philly it's a little more difficult. Although every time I eat at Tierra Colombiana, I must have my Colombiana! So have you tried the Colombiana?
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