Monday, August 16, 2010

Bomba Estéreo

A few weeks ago I came to the realization there is new music being born everyday. With artists these days covering old music and sampling like crazy, it's a little difficult finding something new. That was until I went to a Bomba Estereo concert at the Kimmel Center. How do you describe their music? They combine traditional Colombian Cumbia music with Electronica.

Bomba Estereo puts you in a weird (positive) state of mind. Lead singer Liliana has a voice that you could say sounds oddly familiar (to some American singers) but it's unique because of the type of music. And yes as you have guessed it, son Colombianos! I'm glad to see non-traditional music rise from Colombia but at the same time, they keep the roots alive. The band began as a project of Simón Meíja's, releasing their first album as a solo project with contributions from various musicians. The other members, Liliana, Julian and Kike, would all join the band permanently before the release of their second album Estalla, which would later be re-released in the US under the title Blow Up.

Take a look at what is probably one of the most interesting cover's I have heard - Pump Up the Jam.

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