Monday, August 23, 2010

Hidden Gem in Philly: Community Gardens

Remember the Las Parcelas video I posted last year? Well I recently took a trip there and it was amazing. I knew there were community gardens in Philadelphia but I didn't imagine these being in North Philadelphia. The Norris Square Neighborhood Project (NSNP) has six urban, culturally-themed gardens that preserve green space and energize the Norris Square community. Through collaborations with the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society and many other individuals, NSNP's Iris Brown "The Gardener/La Jardinera" has brought the vivid colors of Puerto Rico and Africa to Philadelphia.

I was able to view three of the gardens: Las Parcelas, El Batey and Villa Africana Colobo. Each represent one of the three cultures which represent the Latino culture. I was happy to see the three different types of "culture" gardens because it teaches our youth about just that...nuestra cultura. And considering it's Philly, it was a shock to see what grows in each garden; everything from different herbs to edible vegetables. Each garden showcases beautiful scenery and they are open to the public during certain hours. For more information on how to volunteer, donate, intern, etc., visit
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