Monday, August 16, 2010

Opinion: Caribbeans & Central/South Americans

Ask yourself this question. Do you see a difference between Caribbean Latinos and Central/South Americans? To be honest, I do. Sure it does not matter but today I thought about it. Even had a quick conversation with a fraternity brother about small yet noticeable differences.

One huge difference I see everyday is "family". Sure Latinos are all about culture y tu familia, but Central/South Americans seem to want a family more. There's more of a "I'll buy you flowers just for the hell of it" in us lol. Maybe I'm being biased but for the past few years, I've seen a big difference. Also, Caribbean Latinos are the party bunch. Puerto Ricans and Dominicans (in the US) are the first to wave/celebrate their independence and want a parade to party. Look at the difference between the Puerto Rican Day Parade and Colombian Festival in NYC...little differences with big impacts.

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