Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Opportunities for Latinos

Countless times I get a little angry when we as a people say, "there are no opportunities out there for me." I honestly think that's people being lazy because the opportunities are endless. From scholarships, grants, fellowships, etc. a Latino today has a better chance of landing a job than other ethnic groups. Maria Luna De La Rosa, in her 2006 article in the American Behavioral Scientist, “Is Opportunity Knocking? Low-Income Students’ Perceptions of College and Financial Aid,notes Hispanics have a low level of financial aid awareness and lack sufficient data on how to pay for college. In one study based on a national phone survey of parents and college-age students, she observes, more than 50% of all Latino parents and 43% of Latino young adults could not name a single source of financial aid.

Sometimes family members have to provide motivation along with their educational institution. The child makes his own decisions but with enough motivation, this kid could become president/CEO of a big company. According to an article by the University of Phoenix, the Pew Hispanic Center reports that more than 1 million Latinos are in management roles within companies nationwide. Could we increase this number? We sure could, especially because of the influx of Latinos across the country. So how are you doing your part?
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