Monday, September 13, 2010

Salsa Night at the F.O.P.

Have you been looking for salsa nights in Philly? Need something a little different than the usual. Well thankfully the Spanish American Law Enforcement Association (S.A.L.E.A.) hold a monthly salsa night at the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #5. I know it sounds weird I kno... dancing con la policia?

Trust me. It's a great experience! Especially if you go with a group of friends. As Latinos we love to dance with whoever...especially if you're good. But this place isn't about showing off your skills and twirling your partner, it's about having fun. The salsa nights are held every second saturday of the month and are free before 11 p.m. After 11 p.m. you only pay a $5 entrance fee. Did I mention affordable drinks? Hope to see you there October 8.

p.s. Did I mention you might get to meet celebrities like Frankie Negron? Yes. random.
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