Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tek Lado and the Hispanic Geek

As you all should know the Tek Lado launch fiesta is this jueves, but the first issue has hit newsstands by storm! Not the usual looking magazine, when I grabbed it I knew it was different. Oddly enough it reminded me of a Hispanic magazine from another country. So what is Tek lado? It's a technology and pop culture magazine for the new bilingual generation...us!

The magazine includes English, Spanish and (my favorite) Spaniglish stories. Everything from social networking sites like chatroulette to Philadelphia artists using technology in exhibitions. And if that wasn't enough, the magazine is using special QR codes. According to the mag, "Tek Lado will use QR Codes to provide our bilingual readership with the option to view any featured article in the language they're more comfortable with." Talk about a new approach huh? So pick up your Tek Lado Magazine around the city and see you at the launch fiesta.
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