Monday, September 27, 2010

You mean he isn't Latino...He just plays one?

That's right, it's been a constant struggle in the TV/movie world. We get mad when non-Latino actors play a Latino on scene yet we also get mad when a Latino portrays a Latino role (i.e. Modern Family). Like says, " The way we see it, the role should go to the best actor for the role." They are right, it should be about the BEST actor, but we also have to respect cultural differences.

"The problem isn't that non-Latino actors are stealing the roles of Hispanic characters, it's the lack of roles for people of color in TV and film that's at the root of this issue. This isn’t the first time a non-Latin actor plays a Latino and it probably won’t be the last." How many Latinos are there that are put into a box? I remember watching John Leguizamo's show Klass Klown where he described being put into that box. Alas we can never win. Maybe I guess that's why my frat brother "Alpinista" keeps on fighting the big fight.
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