Friday, October 22, 2010

Contest: What's your SAW moment

"You think it's over, but the games have just begun." Clearly for the past seven years the SAW movie franchise has haunted our dreams over and over again every Halloween. Sure the "games" keep getting a little creepier and at this point you're sick and tired of it not ending. But you have to give it up to them, it's a good concept. Hopefully people that NEED to watch this turn their life around. Could someone use these movies as therapy? Well hopefully SAW 3D (in theaters Fri., October 29) finally shows some sort of "improvement".

Nonetheless, are you a huge SAW fan? Well now you have the opportunity to win a SAW prize package. Just let me know in the comment section your favorite SAW trap. Why the traps? Because it's probably what brings people to watch the films. Remember the barb-wire maze, the body-fat trap, ice cold, or even the merry-go-round!? Again just comment on your favorite trap and please leave your e-mail. Two (2) winners will be announced on Friday, October 29th.

Prize package includes:
  • Mini posters (heart pounding and Tobin's face)
  • Lollipops <-- random I know
  • "Survivor" bracelets (styled like LIVE STRONG bracelets)
  • T-shirts (L and XL)
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